[WWI] Fw: Ok looking for a kit for the next NATS already

Shane & Lorna Jenkins sljenkins at tac.com.au
Wed Aug 11 00:18:21 EDT 2004

Shane Weier wrote:
> Karen says:
> >Aidrian, and Lance, I have the article at hand and will be happy to email
> >or photocopy it for anyone who's seriously interested in the subject.
> So which issue was it in? Like RK it's driving me crazy that I can't lay
> hands on it, and like Lance I *didn't* add it to my database (or if I did
> the entry is something obscure and won't bring a hit with any sensible
> search"

 Try July 1973 pp 476 ;-)

 StY expert on SMI - well sorta ;-)

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