[WWI] People's Revolutionary Army R. E. 8 at 2004 Nats

Buz Pezold pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 10 05:40:24 EDT 2004


     Is that your R.E.8 that Mark Flake photographed at the Nationals?  If
it is, I think it is fantastic.  I must have missed some of your list
messages about it as far as being in that scheme.  What references did you
use?  I am getting very interested in the RCW.  As I told Steve Perry a
while ago, I think the Russian Civil War is more of an epilog for our
favorite topic than just a post script.  I hope you will post your R.E.8 in
the gallery.  Again, great job!


P. S.

Oh, Yeah!  I live in Atlanta, so I hope to see you all next year at the

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