[WWI] RE: 2004 IPMS Nats

Michael Scott mds549 at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 9 17:36:12 EDT 2004

Back home recovering from the Nats. (Phonenix to Folsom, CA - 12 hours) Discovered that my e-pen pal, Bill Arnold was staying with his old friend Ken Henderson only a mile away from where I was staying at my sister's... Small world. Got to meet Bill, Ken and all the rest over a few brews and dinner on Thursday night. Have pictures (Sanjeev, do you want these and the OT pics for the WWI site? If so, let me know how/where to send.)
Bought some tools, a kit and some other bits and pieces, but kept it reasonable, which wasn't easy. Seminars ranged from "why the hell am I listening to this *&^%?", to outstanding. Many of the models, OT and otherwise, were, of course, outstanding and I developed a severe case of BOMB (bent over modeler's back) peering through my reading glasses and taking pics on the "macro" setting. Seeing master-quality work is understanding that it can be done, and, given enough time and will power, I believe I can do it too. 

The best part was meeting the Listees and all the great coversations that ensued. Got my new button (thanks, John), got some inspiration (thanks Bill and Ken) and now I need to BUILD SOME MODELS.
I'll get some of the pictures, OT and ot, on my blog too.  http://modelbuilder.blogspot.com
Folsom, CA

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