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Mike Fletcher nieuport at rogers.com
Mon Aug 9 10:17:11 EDT 2004

Just remember that when you order from companies like Walmart the
publishers do not make money - the big distributers demand a much
higher percentage of the sale price to place that book on their
shelves. Your typical corner bookstore gets 40% - but the big chains
(and Walmart is the largest of 'chains') get 80% or more. 
WW1 aviation is not a money maker to start with, hence the high price
of the books and magazines, and this makes it worse. Buying from the
likes of Walmart severely reduces the liklihood of there being other
books on the topic in future. No need to make the richest people in
the world even richer at the expense of our hobby.

Mike Fl.

> flapsup wrote:
> Randy Said,
> >Thats at Walmart.com, sorry forgot to say its the website.
> I just ordered the Lafayette Escadrille and Richthofens Circus Elite
> Units
> books. $13.85 or something like that ea. Shipping very reasonable.
> Charged
> Sales Tax? of $2.00. Still figure $10.00 cheaper than other sources.
> Rick G.
> _________________________________________________________________
> I have ordered those as well and it seems to be the best deal goin.  I
> did pull up the new Osprey title on the Storks, it however only showed
> a 10% discount.  Maybe the price will drop when its available for
> shipping vs. preorders.  This is a suprising source for some deals on
> Osprey titles.  Now if they would only stock Datafiles we would be all
> set.
> Regards,
> Randy

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