[WWI] Nats Winners

SSH ot811 at msbx.net
Mon Aug 9 08:43:03 EDT 2004

 Thank you everybody for the congratulations. 

I dont recall if this was mentioned, but Ken Henderson got 3rd place with his excellent 1:48 Roland with its awesome fish scales.

 I feel breathlessly honoured to be listed on the same plaque as Lance, Tom Morgan, and Bill Powers
   Despite the awards, I *know* that Lance's fantastically finished and detailed Ansaldo was better than my entry.
   Both Tom and Karen were kind enough to critique my model and tell me where I need to improve.
I had a great time, and added a few more list members to my 'victories'
Candice Uhlir, Michael Scott, Rick Ewing, Ken Henderson,
I had a great time, hope to see everybody again next year in Atlanta.
Karen and I will put up a page with photos of (almost) all OT entries at the contest.

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