[WWI] Phoenix news:

Bob Horton artybob at netexpress.net
Sun Aug 8 23:56:51 EDT 2004

Hi gang:  Hey throw some cudos our way...our local chapter. Quad Cities Scale Modelers got national Chapter of the Year...Friend Glen Broman is head jocker of our Chapter and I try to pretend I am the Chapter Contact.  This is really a tribute to the hard work Glen puts in as we are really a small chapter and have made a lot of progress and accomplished quite a lot in the past 7-8 years.....additionally our congrats to list members that won in WWI categories.  

You might want to send Glen an email...he is just getting back to almost normal after serious gall bladder surgery about a week and a half ago...I know that it really got to him to not be able to be at Phoenix....later guys....Bob Horton
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