[WWI] Fokker V.8 quintuplane

Carlos Carreira carlos.carreira at netcabo.pt
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The same photo is in "Fokker, The man and the aircraft" with the following

"V.8 - Summer, 1917. Engine 120 h.p. Mercedes. Quintuplane.
Using some of the V.6 components, this quintuplane was completed under
Fokker's orders but in spite of Platz's better judgement. The addition of
the 'biplane' wings at the mid-fuselage position was revolutionary and quite
unsuccessful. Reports state that after two flights by Fokker it was

Let's hope that your model behaves better!



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some other dream project of mine for an R/C model: I only know a single 
photograph as published in Lamberton's "Fighters" and in "Triplanes". The 
Fokker Team www.fokker-team.de has a 3-view among its postcards but I don't 
feel like buying the whole set for a single 3-view I'm interested in.

Does anyone have more information, photos, 3-views and so on.
I have build a little glider (about two years ago) so I'm fairly confident 
this could be a nice R/C model. (You see, I'm already making plans for the 
winter :-)



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