[WWI] Hello from Phoenix

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Sun Aug 8 03:56:58 EDT 2004

Congrats to everybody !!!


John Huggins a écrit:

> Lance said it best, but it really was a great convention.  I think the 
> final tally of list members was 16 present.  We had a surprise this 
> afternoon, with the arrival and list from Candice Uhlir.
> The contest was the second largest so far with 2100+ entries.  Lance 
> has the exact numbers.  The good news is:
> Bill Powers  4 out of 5 models placing.
> Lance taking 2nd with his Ansaldo
> Sanjeeve taking 1st with his RE8
> and the big news news, the RE8 also got the best WWI model.
> If I missed anyone, pardon me and congrats to all of the winners.
> Atlanta sounds like it will be a good one.  We will be going to Kansas 
> City for the 2006 convention.
> We also have enough IPMS USA members who are not affiliated with a 
> current chapter and who also don't mind filling officer spots so in a 
> very short time, we will have our own IPMS Chapter.  Look for more 
> info on the IPMS/GWICC (Great War International Cyber Chapter) chapter 
> soon.  Once we have the charter approved, the requirements for 
> becoming a member of the chapter will be quite simple.
> 1.  Belong to this list.
> 2.  Let one of us know you want to join
> 3.  I can't think of anything else at this time, but will let you know 
> if I do.
> You do not have to be an IPMS member from any country join the 
> chapter, but you must have a membership to one of the national clubs 
> to be able to enter in any of the IPMS sponsored events around the 
> world.  I will post all of the info when I get all of the final 
> paperwork back from National.
> It is late, we have to pack, and I have run out of money.
> Later
> JP
>>> Weather is here.  Wish you were beautiful.  Send money.
>>> Love,
>>> Lance

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