[WWI] Painting Decal Paper

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Sat Aug 7 13:43:47 EDT 2004

   Pedro, what kind of tape would you use on white decal paper?
Wouldn't it tear the decal film when you take it off?
[] Warren,
[] The only kind of tape I use is regular masking tape from the hardware
store. You can use it on decal paper too, It won't peel the decal film off
the paper but if you're worried about it being too tacky just glue it to
your forehead first and then take it off (serious). It'll loose some of the
tackiness, due to skin oils and such.
[] (Of course in the places you have those optivisor induced holes the tape
won't contact and it'll be tackier, so you should avoid using that part of
the tape :-)
[] Regards
[] Pedro

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