[WWI] My WW1 pages

Miroslav Nedeljak miroslav.nedeljak at zoznam.sk
Sat Aug 7 08:49:03 EDT 2004

OK, I changed links, add underline. It's better?
Thank You.


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Hi Miro!

Wonderful models! And a nice site, too! But may I suggest an
Please try to make the links for the photos of your models easier to
It took me several minutes to figure out that there are links. That is
more time than an average net surfer will spend on one page, if she or
can't find anything more to explore on it.

Yours Mikko

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> Hi,
> I made personal web pages with my WWI models and projects. It's
> information base for my head....:-)
> That's all ...:-)
> Miro
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