[WWI] Painting Decal Paper

Dickinson ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Sat Aug 7 05:42:03 EDT 2004

"Microscale decal saver is the best for this."

That's the product I was thinking about, decal saver.  Thanks all for
the great replies.  Yes, I could use stripes as included in certain
decal sets, such as the old Micro-Scale set of WWI French Nat'l Insignia
(OOP?), or the Pegasus set of the same (OOP as well).  However, putting
the red, white, and blue stripes on both the top and bottom of all four
wing panels of Nungesser's Nie.17 would just about burn up all of what's
included on the sheet(s).  The line of Micro-scale RR decals would be an
option, but I don't know if I could get the colors to match.  I am going
on the assumption that they were painted with the same paint as the
   Pedro, what kind of tape would you use on white decal paper?
Wouldn't it tear the decal film when you take it off?
     In any event I thought it might be worth a try, nothing ventured,
nothing gained, right?  I mean this is my second kit after the Eduard
Fokker, and I went overboard with it, didn't I?  I just didn't think
trying to employ all the physical modifications as outlined by Matt
would be enough.  :)

Off to work here in a bit

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