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Greetings Bob.  
How are you.  I still remember the day you and Greg stopped by the house in Denver and we shared some ideas. On the decals Caboose Hobbies here in Denver has some great decals sheets(R&R) stripes.  On cutting the decals light scoring with a guide keeps that ridge down.  Since I do a lot of rib tapes it has come pretty easy for me to do. Regards Stephen

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Hi Gang:  I wonder if the Microscale (?) series of sets of decal stripes aren't still available? Also several of the Model R.R. companies produce smaller sheets for RR model use....(color selections not as good and sheets much smaller.)   They come in sheets with varying widths and most all of the most used colors.  I never had any luck trying to spray a full sheet of decal paper and then cut stripes out...as careful as you can be, the knife always left a slight raised edges/ edges that looked terrible when applied to the model...good luck...Bob Horton
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