[WWI] Painting Decal Paper

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Thu Aug 5 18:13:13 EDT 2004


Like SP I've used both with good results.

The problem is not with the paint, the important issue is the decal paper.
i.e. different brands react differently.

You can perfectly take a piece of virgin decal paper and spray stripes into
it. If your going for red white blue, use white decal. Lay a strip of
masking tape onto the decal, the same width as the white band your aiming
at, spray red on one side. Leave it to dry. Mask the red and spray the blue,

Cut to the desired size...

Easy as that.

Roundels is a bit more work:

Spray a piece of virgin decal  solid red and another one solid blue (and
still another one solid white, if you're using colourless decal.

Using cutting compass, cut all the necessary circles in the different

You just have to lightly cut into the decal. You don't need to cut all the
way down to the backing paper.

Have fun

Take care

Um abraço

Your pal


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