[WWI] Warsaw Uprising - small correction (ot content, sorry for that)

Grzegorz Mazurowski grzegorz_mazurowski at poczta.onet.pl
Thu Aug 5 08:58:58 EDT 2004

Writing my text about Warsaw Uprising for you, my list friends, I made silly
mistake (maybe because of the late night). I wrote that Poland had 17
millions of people during WWII - in fact the correct number is 33 millions.
Sorry for ot content, but I thought that this correction is important.
My modeling activity is stopped for a while, as I'm focused on finishing my
master degree paper (again...), but the Curtiss is sitting on my desk and
waiting for painting with orange acrylic (hull) which will be a base for
dark wood imitation. Wing will be CDL, and that nose I'll probably make
light grey.
Warmest greetings!

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