[WWI] RE: new modelr on the wwi gallery

tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 15:55:12 EDT 2004

hi Neil, Diego, Carlos, and all;
thanks for the kind words on the model. I used vinyl
letters from an office supply store for the wing
registrations, paint the wing black, put the letters
where they go and spray with tan; peel the letters
off, a few touch ups and Bob's yer uncle! The fuselage
registrations are dry transfers with a coat of Future.
Lot's of problems with this model, but most only
visable with hindsite ;(     Fun nonetheless.
Maybe I missed the announcement (I'm on digests), but
not being above some shameless self promotion; you can
see my model here:
and my ugly mug in the Rogue's Gallery.
You have been warned.
cheers, tracy

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