[WWI] Phoenix

John Huggins john at huggins-leahey.com
Thu Aug 5 10:25:11 EDT 2004

Here we are in PHX.  104 outside, but a very dry heat and not that bad. 
  We have been to places in the past that were as much as 20 degrees 
cooler, but because of the humidity, it was much much worse.

So far, Eric, Lance, Karen, Pat and myself have arrived.  Took a quick 
run through the vendor room, and saw some interesting stuff.  Will go 
back today for some serious research, recon and buying.

The convention center is on city property, which means no firearms.  
Because of that rule, Eric has decided to wear a slightly different 
uniform this year.  Looks very strange to see him in blur jeans and a 
sport shirt, but it is still Eric.

Several more list members are due to arrive today, so a gathering of 
real modelers is in order for later today.  I will let you know what we 
come up with then.

Alan, if I get some interesting pics, can you post them to a site for 

More later.

JP and the gang in PHX

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