[WWI] to Pedro, who wants to do a W29

Shane & Lorna Jenkins sljenkins at tac.com.au
Thu Aug 5 05:01:30 EDT 2004

Shane Weier wrote:

> Just wait until Shane the Small (aka StY) arrives at Chez Weier on 19th or
> 20th for our annual show. There's bound to be screams of mirth, because of
> the 5 entries I have for the contest, only one is 1/48, the others are all
> 1/72.
> Embarrassing eh? In my defence, it IS comparatively easy to knock out a 1/72
> model.
> ;-)

 Hi Shane,

 Naw I won't be laughing since I intend to have some entries for the
show myself. That way I won't get unfair comparisons ;-)


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