Finishing WAS: Morse nerds WAS: [WWI] to Pedro, who wants to do a W29

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at
Thu Aug 5 09:24:12 EDT 2004

> It took some doing, but I managed to kit-bash a Glencoe 1/48 Albatros DIII
> into a 1/72 Nieuport 16c in Ball's colours.  Amazing what you can learn
> this list!

Awesome. I'd say that only a Ponnier scout could be made from that dog of a

> (who is also trained to make a birch-bark canoe from a single sheet of
> birch-bark.)

Just imagine what you can do with the branches of the tree! No, better don't
be too creative...

> nu:  1/32 Zeppelin Staaken kit-bashed from a Beech Nut Fokker DVIII

Ask Shane the younger....

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