[WWI] new modelr on the wwi gallery

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Aug 5 08:24:41 EDT 2004

-wow I must be tiring you-

> thanks for the kind words.


> How's the Neuiport coming?
> ;)

Er... what does mean that winkie-winkie emoticon? The Nieuport trudges
along, and since now I'm free of the stress of a contest deadline (that made
me make great progress, I admit) I re-did some of the parts I wasn't very
satisfied with.
I also added "sunburst" logo decals to the propeller, filled tiny gaps on
the lower wing roots with CA glue, modified the slightly short nose of the
Toko nieuport (just a hair short) and now I'm gathering all the detail parts
that are unlikely to be knocked out over the fuselage. The overall colour
will be white, and if I decide to yellow the surfaces a bit  to tone it down
the airframe, it'll be done at a later stage, after the decals are put on
the wings (I chose a scheme with wide tricolor bands appearing on Page 7 of
the French Aircraft book by Zoltan and Davilla).
The upper wing gave me a few headaches, but it seems to hold togheter well.
I still have to replace the upper wing mount, since it's a different model
from the one provided in the kit.
Ah... and the rigging... the dreaded rigging!

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