[WWI] Air Dept Scout

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Wed Aug 4 14:13:54 EDT 2004

Srjedu 04 awgusta 200414:20, Steve Cox pisaše:
> >> About flying... I doubt that this would be an easy model!
> >
> > Neither do I, but I'd love the challenge. I'm sure already building it
> If you think flying it won't be easy the landing will be even worse. The
> undercarriage is extremely narrow. The original design conept used only one
> wheel.

With these two wide apart booms it shouldn't be too different from a 
three-wheeler. Model airplanes that mind touching the ground with a wing tip 
during the landing are doomed anyway ;-)

I'm more worried about starting, actually. If it can't take off  there is no 
really convenient spot to grab it unless I slightly change the undercarriage.

> Remember to video the first flight so we can all see.

Heh, why not the second? I sense some lack of confidence here ... :-)

But you really start talking me into trying ... 



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