[WWI] Removing mold release

Dickinson ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Wed Aug 4 13:18:54 EDT 2004

I once read in an issue of Fine Scale Modeler that you could soak resin
parts in a liquid called "Bleche White".  It is used here in the US for
cleaning white-wall tires, and IIRC quite strong.  Has anyone on the
list used this method for removing mold release from resin parts?
   I remember that there was a recent discussion of removing mold
release from plastic kits, washing same before painting, etc.  When I
was actively building models years ago (late 60's & early/mid 70's) I
never washed single one, and like many of you, I never had a paint
adhesion problem.  However, I have started doing it now because of my
trying out the new acrylics, and their problem with adhesion, lifting
off, etc.  I suspect the enamels I used in my youth were of much
stronger stuff than we have available to us now.


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