[WWI] Off to Phoenix, latest WS

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 4 11:45:33 EDT 2004

Lance Krieg wrote:
> Sayonara, gang, I'm leaving to gingerly usher my resin Ansaldo through
> the airport...

...hoping, no doubt, that the machine guns make it through security; and 
that prop is pretty pointy too, isn't it??

I'll be off to the airport in a couple of hours also, hoping to nap 
through the 4 hour flight to the mother of all hobby shops (for four 
days at least). With absolutely nothing even vaguelly threatening in my 
carry-on, unless you count the bottle of Black Balsam from Arseny of 
Riga.  Looking forward to meeting up again with Lance and Tom and Mike 
K. and Sanjeev and the rest of the gang as well as introducing myself to 
the 'newbies'. Should be heaps of fun (and heaps of credit card receipts 
  :-)  )


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