[WWI] RE: 2004 IPMS Nats

RadspadMike at netscape.net RadspadMike at netscape.net
Wed Aug 4 10:06:47 EDT 2004

Stephen Lawson sez:
" <snip> Raise a glass lads and lassies, think of us poor saps stuck in the drudgery of day to day bread winning and to all model on!"

You make it sound all too busy and complicated.  I'm going to Phoenix just to renew old acquaintances, see what's new, look at some outstanding models, and buy a book or two.  All as a precursor to finding a well-tended table at the hotel bar. . . or maybe I got my list out of order.

However, I will lift a glass ( or two or ......)thinking of you and then another thinking about the "drudgery of day to day bread winning".

Mike Kavanaugh (Retired)

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