[WWI] Removing mold release

charles scitchrs at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 4 09:34:43 EDT 2004

Thanks, Pedro--

I just tried some ammonia, but it did not help--the stuff came off
reluctantly, in little chips, and only when scraped with the X-Acto blade.
I am out of isopropyl alcohol, but will get some later today and try it.

The stuff is not "flash"--in fact, some of it is on the flash, as well as on
the actual part.


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> Charlie,
> this is just a shot in the dark, because I've never come across anything
> like you mention, but you could try some amonia based detergent, or
> alchool
> just to see if it reacts and dissolves...
> Are you sure it's not resin "flash" (in which case there's but chipping it
> away ;-( , I'm afraid...)
> Pedro

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