[WWI] french magazine

pnsoares at naer.pt pnsoares at naer.pt
Wed Aug 4 09:16:08 EDT 2004

Just passed by the newsstand and found n.4 of a french magazine called
"batailles et blindes". Seems to be nice read, high on graphic content and
there's a large feature on the battle of Cambrai (which will be completed in
next issue) with eight profiles of MKIV tanks and some photos too. On tye
back cover there's a 4 view profile of an FT17.

This looks like a good mag for  wheels and tracks fans.

Also for those more interested in the historical aspects of the conflict,
with a decisive focus on French matters, since the magazine is French,
there's also a magazine called 1914-1918 which is well worth taking a peep


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