[WWI] Warsaw Uprising

Grzegorz Mazurowski grzegorz_mazurowski at poczta.onet.pl
Tue Aug 3 07:08:42 EDT 2004

Thank you all for reading my post about Uprising.
Especially thanks to Jim for warm words!
BTW, both "Home Army" (Polish Underground Army) commander Tadeusz "Bor"
Komorowski and Warsaw Region of the Home Army commander Antoni "Monter"
Chrusciel  were Austro-Hungarian officers during WWI and veterans of the
Polish-Bolshevik wars (Komorowski also won team silver medal in equestrian
on Berlin Olympic Games in 1936, he was a leader of the Polish team). I was
looking for another OT traces in Uprising photos and films - not much,
except that 7,7 Feldkanone 96, some helmets (fairly many German ones, also
French, but I'm not sure if the French Hadrian helmets used in Uprising were
directly from WWI or from later imports), probably also numerous rifles and
pistols of various origins.

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