[WWI] to Pedro, who wants to do a W29

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Tue Aug 3 20:19:37 EDT 2004


(must have been the ast time ever)

Not sure about that though,
Could have been the irst
Or maybe even the econd
Who cares, who would want to know?

In truth, it matters nil:
continuous and ever new
time is while man is not.
It's just that you were caught
unaware, a transitory  drop of dew
in the whirl of the time mill.

Still, there's genius in such phrase, 
a life saving thread in the syntax maze,
well proportioned and conceptually clever
and I'm sure you will all agree
That'it's unquestionable,irrevocable,plain to see 
"it must have been your ast time ever!"


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