[WWI] RCW Nieuport Decals

Mike Fletcher nieuport at rogers.com
Tue Aug 3 17:10:53 EDT 2004

Cool collection of decals. :)
The Blue and Yellow are Ukrainian - but the Green and Yellow are
Brazilian (maybe they were having trouble with their English)
and the 6 black squares could be Turkish, while the S comes from
a French aircraft in Rumania.
I guess I need to add more profiles now - the 17's were in need of
redoing anyway...


"Bittner, Matthew E. (KTR)~U" wrote:
> I finally received those RCW Nieuport decals I pointed out months
> ago (way back in March).  Better late than never, that's for
> sure. ;-)
> Anyway, there are enough decals for 16 Nieuports - inclusive!!
> That is, decals exist so you can finish each and every one of the
> 16.  Totally cool.  Some of them are covered in the Russian book
> "Aircraft of the Russian Civil War" and I'm not sure where the
> others came from.  I'm going to get the instruction sheet
> (totally in Russian) translated to help.
> Say, Mike Fletcher, your site is listed on the instruction sheet
> (okay, maybe there's just a little bit of English).
> The decals are very well printed and completely in register.
> These are *not* ALPS generated.  All are very well done with one
> exception.  The well known "naked lady shooting a bow and arrow"
> is on this sheet; however, the detail isn't as nice as I think it
> should be.  But other than that, the decals are extremely well
> done.
> Unfortunately I can't tell you where these came from.  I have a
> contact in Latvia that picked them up for me, so I'm not sure
> where they came from.  There is an email address on the
> instruction sheet I'm going to try and contact - I'm just not
> sure if the person speaks English or not.  I will let the list
> know if/when I find any more out.
> Here's a link so you can see what's actually on the decal sheet:
> http://avia-hobby.ru/news/model/pic4/040317_2.jpg
> All in all, this was a decal sheet worth waiting four months for.
> ;-)
> Matt Bittner

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