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Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 3 15:14:38 EDT 2004

You have probably received this answer already but just in case. Left is the 
Late, Right early. This was a common feature of one run of about 15 
aircraft,including Lt. Stapenhorsts' machine captured by the Brits. The 
revelle kit is based on this example.

By the way, I just traded with erik Whipple for your SE5 kit. Beautiful. I 
do have a small problem. The late style wings are fine, clearly upper and 
lower. The early wing panels are all the same,lowers. Is this how it should 
Thanks and I hope the DR1 info helps,
Rick Geisler

>hello crew,
>i have a ? from a customer.  on the revel 1/28th dr.i if i remember 
>correctly the ailerons on the kit are for a dr.i(on one side) and f.i(on 
>the other).  my ? is which side is which?   thanks and i'll look forward to 
>seeing all of you that have the "fortitude" to make it!

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