[WWI] Windsock in the US?

Bittner, Matthew E. (KTR)~U BITTNERM at stratcom.mil
Tue Aug 3 13:26:42 EDT 2004

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> Date: 08-03-2004 11:35
> From: Bill Weckel <bweckel at procarautogroup.com>

> Where do you purchase your Datafiles?  My wife has given me an 
> allowance and I'd like to start expanding my library.  I'd also like to
> get a subscription to Windsock International.  Is it best to buy the 
> copies mail order or to get a subscription direct from the UK?

I get mine - whenever I have the money - from Roll Models, http://www.rollmodels.com.

Matt Bittner

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