[WWI] NieVI wing update

Diego Ferneti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Aug 3 08:07:40 EDT 2004

> That would mean a tricky puttying job next to the last rib,
> with risk for elimination of said rib.

Tricky indeed, but the last rib can be masked with adhesive tape. If you
work with milliput, the "fairing" vcan be smoothed with a moist finger over
the wing chord.

> Not that my method works
> any better. I have lots of creases and folds to remove, all close
> to the last rib. Give me a belt-sander someone!

Same happened to me with those Spad VII wing replacements. By the wy, I
received yesterday that Spad VII book from Poland!!!!!!!!!! What a thrill,
all those drawings and new pictures! I must read it thoroughly and it really
aches to stay here in the office while the book sits, unread, at home!

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