[WWI] History Channel this past weekend

Bill Weckel bweckel at procarautogroup.com
Mon Aug 2 12:22:17 EDT 2004

The colors didn't bother me nearly as much as their replaying the same 
clips ad nauseum.  One, a clip of a burning plane spiraling down into 
the ground, must have been played a dozen times in the course of about 
45 minutes.  Very typical of the History Channel though, in their WWII 
stuff I've seen the same dark green A6M5 shot down at least 1000 times 
- doesn't matter what year, what campaign - if the show is about the 
Pacific theater, you're gonna see that Zero go down.  Oh well, at least 
it's better than watching the Indians lose.


> Mr T. raises the issue:
> "Funny that none of you have commented on the WW-I in color series this
> weekend."

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