[WWI] Nungesser Nie.17 Questions

Mike Fletcher nieuport at rogers.com
Mon Aug 2 10:42:07 EDT 2004

One of his machines actually had that number - I guess he considered it
lucky and kept it. On a similar reasoning I think, I once had a
neighbour who had paid for a vanity licence plate that matched the
licence plate from his first car.

The stripes have a story behind them as well - he was jumped by a Brit,
and in defending himself was forced to shoot the myopic Brit down, and
to prevent a recurrance he added the stripes (I guess the roundels, and
it being a silver Nieuport weren't enough of a give-away that it wasn't


dave fleming wrote:
> Quoting WW1 <d_fernetti at hotmail.com>:
> > Since Nungesser had several machines, all painted with the same serial
> > number and all,
> Which raises the question, has anyone ever worked out the significance of the
> numbers? Was it his date of birth or something like that?
> Dave

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