[WWI] New model updates

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Mon Aug 2 03:12:01 EDT 2004

Nice to hear from you again Marek, especially with models like these,
really excellent work. I like your weathering style a lot, just enough to
be noticable, but not like some we've seen recently that have been just too
much. I agree with Charlie that you could have toned down the black squares
a little, but what the heck, they could have been newly paiinted. 
The turnbuckles on the Hanriot are a touch of class, the sort of thing I see instantly
, and give a really good first impression. 
Two of the nicest models I've seen for a long time!
/Neil C. 

>today I just have uploaded two my new kits to my pages at
>www.marek.holtec.cz They are 1/72 Eindecker and 1/48 Hanriot. Both are
>Eduard kits.

>I hope, they are good enough



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