[WWI] Nungesser Nie.17 Questions

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 01:00:08 EDT 2004

Warren Asks?

>         Now that it seems I can post again, I have even more Nie.17
>questions.  Big surprise, huh?
>     The profiles in the FMP French a/c of WWI book show the
>red/white/blue bands on Nungesser's Nie.17's N1895 and N1574 as wrapping
>around all four wing panels.  I have decals from either the ESCI or
>Revell 1/72nd Nie.17, but they only have the bands for the top of the
>upper wing.
>    I am going to go on the assumption that the FMP book is correct on
>the bands wrapping around all four panels unless some of you can tell me

Warren, Ibelieve that they were on all four positions as per the 
Illustration. I have a pic in an old book that shows just the upper wing. I 
also have the same pic in a newer book that shows both upper and lower. The 
difference was in the Clarity of the print!
Rick Geisler

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