[WWI] Americal export order

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 2 00:46:02 EDT 2004

Steve, Neil,  Grzes, and anyone else lusting after Americal decal sheets:

Start making up your wishlist. You can send it to me anytime before 
October 1. That should give me plenty of time to order and receive all 
the sheets. As I mentioned earlier, I should be able to handle the cost 
of the order from the petty cash drawer and we'll work it out when the 
Three Mouseketeers get over the pond. The sheets usually come with their 
extremely informative descriptions or booklets and are nice and flat for 
easy packing; but be reasonable--I do have to pack some undies and a 
sweater or two as well   :-)


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