[WWI] Re August Internet Modeler

Shane & Lorna Jenkins sljenkins at tac.com.au
Mon Aug 2 00:03:40 EDT 2004

 Hi Neil

> My copy seems to lost in the ether....Mr Computer is telling me it is not up
> yet. Have you jumped the gun?

 Hell no - though after working on the issue till the last moment that
would be understandable - just hit reload or refresh for the MS junkies
and the new page will load ;-)

> PS: Short Mumble mumble PE arrived okay. And very nice it is too.... Can you
> get the Falcon transparencies too?.....

 Yes we can get the Short (Scottish Town) Falcon canopies, in fact will
be stocking up on em for the QMHE if they get here in time ;-). Also am
about to place an order for the new BM Gunbus (Chris has his fingers
crossed that it'll be out by the middle of the month) which will selling
for AUD$52.80 for the Aussie market and AUD$48.00 for Internationals
plus postage.

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 SANDLE Hobbies - http://sandlehobbies.com

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