[WWI] New model updates

charles scitchrs at centurytel.net
Sun Aug 1 18:26:53 EDT 2004

Marek wrote:

> today I just have uploaded two my new kits to my pages at
> www.marek.holtec.cz They are 1/72 Eindecker and 1/48 Hanriot. Both are
> Eduard kits.
> I hope, they are good enough

Oh, yes, they are good enough!  I would like to have both of them in my own

On a constructive criticism note, I can see that if I want to do the Turkish
E.III when I build the kit (soon, I hope!), I am going to have to come up
with some way to tone down the black of the national insignia a little bit.
As it is now, the black, black squares seem to totally dominate the

Just my two cents' worth--others' tastes may differ!

Charlie Schaaf

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