[WWI] Nungesser Nie.17 Questions

WW1 d_fernetti at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 1 15:12:44 EDT 2004

>    I am going to go on the assumption that the FMP book is correct on
> the bands wrapping around all four panels unless some of you can tell me
> otherwise.

Since Nungesser had several machines, all painted with the same serial
number and all, I guess that no one can say that at least ONE of his
aircraft had the bands just in the upper wing. IIRC there was a picture of
this very aircraft in Apostolo & Begnozzi book on WW1 aircraft. I have that
one at mom's house, I'm sorry that I can't go fetch it and scan the relevant
picture (if I'm not confused with another book) I'll check later today with
the rest of the nieuport books here.

>    Also, are there any other Nungesser decals available in 1/72nd aside
> from those I already have?

There is a decal sheet from an obscure manufacturer showing Monsieur
Nungesser naked shooting a bow, but I was told that the decal lacks in
detail and it's innacurate. Go figure.

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