[WWI] Nungesser Nie.17 Questions

Dickinson ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Sun Aug 1 12:41:29 EDT 2004

        Now that it seems I can post again, I have even more Nie.17
questions.  Big surprise, huh?
    The profiles in the FMP French a/c of WWI book show the
red/white/blue bands on Nungesser's Nie.17's N1895 and N1574 as wrapping
around all four wing panels.  I have decals from either the ESCI or
Revell 1/72nd Nie.17, but they only have the bands for the top of the
upper wing.
   I am going to go on the assumption that the FMP book is correct on
the bands wrapping around all four panels unless some of you can tell me
   Also, are there any other Nungesser decals available in 1/72nd aside
from those I already have?  (The Choroszy Nie.17 shows a Nungesser
marking option in the kit's instructions, but they do not include the
decals for it.)



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