[WWI] Profi lozenge question

Michael Alvarado docalvie at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 15:14:41 EST 2003


The A/G lozenge is an almost perfect match of the
lozenge on the ASM Albatros (STROPP)even A?G's dark
pink rib tapes are good match.  I built the Eduard
1/48 Albie D.Va as STROPP for the owner of my local
hobby shop last year and since the ASM is a quick trip
downtown I made frequent trips to verify thiongs with
the "original".  I'm even closer to Udvar-Hazy.  I
went there last Saturday and had only a 30 minute wait
in lines to get in.  Believe me it was SRO in the
museum.  Still a bit unfinished.  Its really going to
be some thing in about three years.

--- Kerry Lynn <kerlyn2001 at comcast.net> wrote:
> I am working on the Eduard 1/72 "Stropp" Alb. D.Va. 
> The
> colors in the lozenge provided in this kit aren't
> even close
> to Americal's.  Does anyone know if they are a close
> match
> to the actual aircraft at the Air & Space Museum?
> Also, is it recommended in general to prime a
> surface with
> white (or some other color) before applying Americal
> lozenge
> in order to get the truest colors?  Or does this not
> matter?
> TIA, -K-

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