[WWI] Secret Santa Brent (I can finish that darned ?51) unmasked

rayboorman at shaw.ca rayboorman at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 31 07:47:03 EST 2003

Yesterday an unordered box from roll models arrived at my door. Inside was a nice brand span 
king new Joystick Sopwith Batboat and some misterkit paints. Wow I am bowled over not only 
was I surprised but only 5 days ago I was emailing on the list about how I wanted the BatBoat. 
How did Santa Brent from way down south in Texas know??? It must be a Santa Klaus thing...

Anyway thankyou very very much Santa Brent Theobold who must have ESP....

Oh and I get to try Misterkit paints too. I have Nivo neut neut neut......


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