[WWI] RE: The Orange Dr.I

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 31 09:08:25 EST 2003

>From: tracy hancock <atlporkchop at yahoo.com>

>hi E,
>thanks for clearing that up. as a man who listens to
>the Pouges and Tom Waits, your taste is above
>reproach, so if you say it's ugly...it's ugly.

Um, thanks, I think. I can take this two ways: If you're being sarcastic, 
touche`, if sincere, thanks.
Either way, you should have a look at it your self before YOU decided it's 
I'm surprised I don't like it, as I've long been of the opinion that the 
Dr.I looks good in ANY color.
Too bad I was proved wrong. (I hate that).

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