[WWI] Happy new year

carpo5 at optusnet.com.au carpo5 at optusnet.com.au
Wed Dec 31 22:54:25 EST 2003

OK - so I don't have a life but I thought I might beat my Kiwi friend to be the first 
post of the new year!!!
I am pretty new to the forum but I will hopefully be able to add something new to 
the discussion.
I have mad myself a commitment to building only Austrailian subjects - although 
my years of modelling have resulted in a somewhat eclectic collection so far.
I have a gallery of my models at http://members.optusnet.com.au/~carpo5/
my latest project is Eduard's Sopwith camel in a custom scheme of Harry Cobby - 
Decals provided by Hawkeye Models here in Oz.

Whilst most of my models are figures - WW1 has a real fascination for me and I 
hope to increase my collection to incorporate all of the aircraft utilised by the 
Australian Flying Corps - my Pyro Bristol Boxkite is also near completion  - g*d 
d$mn (pardon my french) that thing is a budgie cage of rigging!!!

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