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Wed Dec 31 15:11:40 EST 2003

RK says:

>My recollection too-  that Stropp in its original state had green/mauve 
>wings, not lozenge, and some other details I can't remember.

>From a much older response by RK, Googled from the WW1 modelling site ( a 
mine of information, we all should look at it sometimes ;-)

>excerpt's from DSA's letter in WW I Aero 167 Feb 2000....."captured April 4
>1918 by the French Army.....lower wings from another Albatros Va....upper
>wings, fuselage,fin and rudder had the Iron Cross markings, the lower wings
>were marked with the Balkan Cross markings........the tailplane and upper
>wings were in a dark green and mauve...and the lower wings were covered in
>five color lozenge.....and marked with Balkan Crosses surrounded by a white
>150mm border.....
>    Alb D.Va 7161/17 when delivered from the Albatros Werke in February 
>was finished in a dark green and mauve finish as were other in the batch
>7150-7199/17. In the restoration it would have been correct to have painted
>Stropp in a painted scheme of dark green and mauve, rather than used five
>color lozenge. However they in their divine wisdom, they did what they did!
>........At some later date, one of the more brilliant minds decided the
>markings were wrong and changed the markings to the later form of Balkan
>Cross which was directed by Idflieg on 4 June 1918, two months after it had
>been captured at Marcelcave, its pilot Uffz Erich Gurgenz is KIA. Now, both
>the finish and markings are wrong!"
>Well, that's what he wrote. The one puzzle for me is the mention of the
>tailplane being dark green and mauve, since the stripes seem to appear in 
>the old photos taken from as far back as one can go. One wonders if DSA 
>as originally delivered...... or?

And my opinion regarding modelling it as it is at NASM - nothing wrong with 
that. IPMS judges shouldn't criticise it on accuracy basis, and at any other 
contest if it's presented with documentation - a photo of Stropp at NASM - 
it's nevertheless correct as "Stropp as seen in 200x"

I wouldn't present it as "Stropp, August 1918" though YMMV

Shane (really unsubbing now!)


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