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> > >    New Modeller, Mike Cooper sent in photos of his models of the
> > > Mark IV Supply,

Gronk like tank.  Tank good.  Maybe I should finish painting my tank and get 
a picture up.  We need more tank pictures.  Interestingly enough, I have a 
picture from a German pilots album that was taken after the battle of Cambrai in 
an undamaged city well to the rear of the lines of Banshee after she was 
captured and refurbished by the Germans.  The sign posts near the tank have arrows 
pointing to Douai, Arras, Esnes and Bohain.  The buildings are all 3 story and 
show no shell damage whatsoever.  There are also pictures of B 28 (male) 
knocked out C47 female knocked out.  C47 is a female with a large ace of spades 
painted on the sponson between the machine guns and a large caricature about 6 
feet tall of a German soldier painted on the right sideabout 6 feet forward of 
the rear sprocket.  
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