[WWI] The Orange Dr.I

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 30 16:39:29 EST 2003

>From: tracy hancock <atlporkchop at yahoo.com>

>Mr T. mentions...
>Cole Pallens orange DR-I
>what is this? (pardon my ignorance)
>is this a post-war plane? captured? civil registered
>(oh please oh please oh please!)?

Cole Palen's Dr.I is a modern replica with a totally ficticious paint 
scheme, which is, imo, the ugliest Dr.I I've ever seen. The fuselage and two 
lower wings areorange. The top wing is also orange in the center section. 
Outboard of the crosses is green, darker than lime but brighter than a green 
bean. The cowl, H-stab and sub-wing between the wheels are painted in 
orange, green and white bands.
I realize taste is subjective, and you may fall in love with the scheme when 
you see it, but to me, it's ugly, ugly ugly. Someone should be slapped for 
doing that. Now I don't know if Cole built it, or if it was someone else's 
project that Cole aqquired. BUt I think I once read that whoever built, or 
had it built, sent it to the paint shop with instructions to paint it "any 
color but red."
There's a picture of it on the cover of the Scale Aircraft Drawings Vol.I 
book. I'm sure some lind listee could send you a scan.

So there's my opinion of that scheme. Is there anyone out there in listland 
that actually likes the scheme? Just curious.

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