[WWI] Profi lozenge question

Kerry Lynn kerlyn2001 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 30 10:18:52 EST 2003

Ah, and now we come to the nut of it; should I build a model
of the bogus 1:1 scheme (which will probably never be corrected?)
Or try to recreate the aircraft as it actually fought in 1917-18?

I have the Munsell numbers from the Mikesh book but, not having
a copy of the Munsell colors, didn't know how well the decals
actually match up with the 1:1 plane.

If the Eduard lozenge doesn't agree with any known actual or
recreated color scheme, I don't see much point in using them.
Except that they are pretty colorful ;-)

I know there exists a Methuen-to-RGB conversion chart.  Does any-
one know of Methuen/Munsell or Munsell/Humbrol mixtures charts?
Or RGB to Humbrol mixtures?  Or conversion of any reference color
system to any paint system?

Thanks, -K-

Michael Kendix wrote:

>> From: Kerry Lynn <kerlyn2001 at comcast.net>
>> I am working on the Eduard 1/72 "Stropp" Alb. D.Va.  The
>> colors in the lozenge provided in this kit aren't even close
>> to Americal's.  Does anyone know if they are a close match
>> to the actual aircraft at the Air & Space Museum?
> First, according to a long-serving fulltime employee of the Smithsonian 
> Institution, the NASM D.Va does not have a boan fide colour scheme, and 
> Chris Mikesh (one of the ex-chief persons) knew this but liked the fake 
> scheme and went ahead with it anyhow, or so it is alleged.  naturally, I 
> was shocked, yes, shocked, to hear that the venerable NASM had messed up 
> , allegedly: after all, the people in charge do have the finest 
> collection of Education Ph.D.'s to come out of Montgomery or Fairfax 
> Counties, allegedly.
> Second, the Smithsonian has mounted the D.Va on the ceiling so it is 
> difficult to see the topside lozenge and since the display area is in a 
> sort of semi-darkness, it's fairly difficult to determine the colour 
> tones of the underside lozenge.
> Third, I must believe that the "Romantic" lighting in the NASM WWI 
> exhibit is primarily to generate "Atmosphere" and not to protect the 
> exhibits since the Wright Flyer used to hang in a normally lighted area 
> near the main entrance.  Unfortuantely, the primary "Atmosphere" 
> generated in this exhibit is either frustration because you cannot see 
> the stuff, or ignorance because you don't notice the stuff.
> Fourth, I cannot wait to see what they "Do" with the Il-2 "Stormovik: 
> having consistently ignored the sage advice of a published researcher 
> and expert in VVS colours, allegedly.
>> Also, is it recommended in general to prime a surface with
>> white (or some other color) before applying Americal lozenge
>> in order to get the truest colors?  Or does this not matter?
> I would paint it one of the colours in the lozenge scheme but more 
> important is to prepare the surface with a good coat of Future ready for 
> the decals.
> Michael
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