[WWI] How many + rambling was SV: Spad XVI

flutes at xs4all.nl flutes at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 30 11:54:25 EST 2003

>From Deepest Lurk in Birmingham (not Alabama), via my mother's computer,

Finished Spad A2 and SXIV, Early Fokker DVII. 2 Albatros DIII, an Albatros
W4 in 1/72nd. 2 Nieuport 17s,2 Spad VIIs a Fokker DVII, Moranes L and N.
Probably some I forgot, and maybe just as well. Also committed some ot
sins (even a 10thingy, 'cos my son wanted a target for his spitfire).
Started many more, and continued some old-timers from a couple of years

In 1:1 scale, finished too much wine and just enough Guiness.
Most importantly, helped my daughter finish her first OT subject, an
Airfix Roland CII.

Back to lurk until next year, so Happy New Year to everyone.

Cheers,     Paul T.

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