[WWI] Looking for a few kits;-)

Spooky5488 at aol.com Spooky5488 at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 01:05:47 EST 2003

Hi Guys

If any of you have a for sale list, mainly WWI 1/72 scale aircraft such as a 
Sopwith Dolphin, Sopwith Schneider, {Eduard}, Sopwith Tabloid, Sopwith Baby 
{Eduard}, Short Bomber {Sierra Models, is there another kit of this?} , or 
anything WWI by Choroszy and Czech Maters, any of the BE2 or RE8, even the Airfix 
kit would be nice. I don't have much to trade, but I can take a look around my 
part of Southern California or pay Cash, US. I'm interested in Plastic, 
Vacuform, or Resin, I've built one of each of the later two, and I really enjoy the 
challenge of Vac and Resin.

Thanks Guys,

Jeff Finney
Southern California
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